The Perfect Healthy Summer Snack


Hey there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, I’m back and disorganized as ever. I’m in this weird place that’s halfway between go with the flow and major planner. I call it wannabe planner. I want to schedule my life: my meals, writing and photography schedule, workout schedule, etc. When it comes down to it, I just do what feels right at the time. Between traveling, changing jobs and planning a move, what feels right never seems to be what I plan.

Anyways, after the BFK blogger meet-up at Frontier Chicago last week, I have a little kick of inspiration. A reader requested a post on healthy summer treats to cool down a bit ago and I’m here for y’all! I’ve finally come up with a recipe that I think y’all are really going to love.

Full transparency here, this post was supposed to be up pre-4th of July. I had some technical difficulties with the pictures and what do you know I’m a week late. They still taste delicious post-holiday though. Andrew loves them. Thinks they taste like ice cream. Talk about a seal of approval!

What’s better on a hot summer day than a creamy and cold treat?

Is that enough suspense for y’all? Okay, I’ll tell you what it is.


Blueberry Cream Pops.

They’re packed with protein and so delicious.

It literally takes 5 minutes to make these. Maybe even less and they’re only4 ingredients.

Four very simple ingredients:

1/2 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I used this one by Tone It Up)

1/4 cup Frozen Blueberries

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Goat’s Milk

Mix all the ingredients together and pour them into your popsicle molds. Freeze them for a few hours and voila! You’ve got blueberry cream popsicles.


I recommend eating the pops as a snack.

They’re sweet but still healthy with the protein and healthy fat!

What more could you want? They should keep you full for a while.

These made a little more than 2 servings for me but it depends on the size of your popsicle molds.

Eating protein and fat together makes for a very filling snack! I always try to add at least one of them to all my snacks. Either protein or fat (usually combined with a fruit, vegetable, or rice cakes. These pops are going to become a go-to for me when I need a snack at home.

I bought my molds a few years ago from Target, but this one is similar. I may be purchasing this one soon since it’s a little bigger and my favorite color, yellow. This one is stainless steel rather than plastic which I love. There are so many options.


So, why goat’s milk?

I gave up dairy (for the most part) back in January. My body just doesn’t thrive on cow’s milk. I get bloated, my acne gets worse, and my headaches appear with cow’s milk. Not good things.

According to this source, goat’s milk has less allergenic proteins, more easily digestible fats, and proteins, and is lower in lactose than cow’s milk.

Also, “One (200ml) serving of goats’ milk provides 13% of the NRV for vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), which is needed for the release of energy from food, and 12% of the NRV of biotin (a B-vitamin which is important for a healthy nervous system).” – St. Helens Farm

There’s more. According to Organic Facts, “One reason why people tend to love goat milk is that they are able to enjoy it without the common inflammation and upset stomachs that cow milk so often causes. This is due to the unique enzymatic makeup of goat milk that soothes inflammation in the gut.” Research on this is still being done but anti-inflammatory properties are a major plus for me.

Organic Facts also views goat’s milk as a metabolism and immunity booster!

“Goat milk is far more nutrient-dense than cow milk, meaning that you don’t need as much of it to receive the same (or better) nutrient intake. A single cup provides nearly 40% of our daily calcium requirements, 20% of our vitamin B intake, as well as significant amounts of potassium and phosphorous. Furthermore, studies have shown that goat milk can help increase the uptake of iron and copper in our digestive tract, which is essential for people who struggle with anemia and other nutrient deficiencies.”

Are you convinced yet? Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you like it more than cow’s milk? The same? P.S. I bought mine at Whole Foods.



If you tolerate cow’s milk, that can be a substitute in this recipe, too. Vegetarian or vegan? I haven’t tried subbing almond milk but I think it would work well, too. I may even try full-fat coconut milk next time as another option.

I’m excited to hear your opinions!

I have a peanut butter cup version coming up. It’s not perfect yet but it will be soon! I wanted to share this Blueberry Cream Pop recipe with you before the holiday.

Do you have big plans this weekend? Doing anything fun? I hope it involves relaxing by the pool with a Blueberry Cream Pop!

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  • Erin Moran Johnson

    Totally making these popsicles this weekend & just relaxing!!


      I hope you like them! Let me know what you think. My weekend will probably look exactly the same