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Elizabeth Kerr, creator of ASD

Elizabeth is a recent Indiana grad from Texas who now calls Chicago my home.  She lives with her boyfriend, Andrew, and works the typical 9 to 5 job.

Elizabeth lived in London for a summer back in college, where she first wrote a travel blog documenting her adventures. This is when Elizabeth first realized how much she enjoyed writing. She has been toying with starting a blog since then and now she is finally going for it!

Elizabeth is obsessed with health and reading up on all the latest wellness trends as well as learning what is best for her body. She is a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through ISSA and spends her free time reading and learning as much as she can about nutrition. Elizabeth has been working with a nutritionist to make her body feel it’s best, which has further driven her passion and curiosity for the health industry.

She have a love/hate relationship with running. Her favorite vacations tend to include hiking. She relaxes by taking walks (weather permitting) and baking. Although she is no professional, she loves photography. Her favorite pictures to take are of flowers and landscapes (on those hiking trips). Her favorite foods are sushi and tacos, just not together and her favorite meal is dessert.

Another Sunny Day is a wellness blog that focuses on health and follows Elizabeth’s journey to becoming her healthiest/best self. Hopefully some of my tips and tricks will help some of y’all with your own health journeys. Mostly, this blog will be Elizabeth’s creative outlet and a fun way to share her passion.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at or through the contact page.

Welcome to Another Sunny Day!