Apple Watch — Is it really worth it?


I’m sure at this point, you’ve heard of the coveted Apple Watch. Maybe you don’t have an opinion on it one way or another. Maybe you’ve been wanting one for so long or maybe you think it’s over rated. I’ve been all of these people at some point since it came out 2ish years ago.

At first, I thought it was ridiculous. This may have to do that all I knew about it was that they were releasing a $10k version.

Then I wanted one. Like really wanted one.

Last year around this time, I finally bought one. Here’s how it happened. I had a gift card from Apple for about $300. I had also just started working. My company has a pretty cool perks program that allowed me to get a discount on the watch. (I found out after check out that it was only $14 off but hey, it was better than zero dollars off.) Because of these two things, I bought the watch.

At first, I was obsessed. Then it froze and I stopped wearing it for a while. I finally fixed it (just needed a software update) and now I wear it every day.

Basically, my Apple Watch and I have a love/hate relationship. This is pretty much the same relationship I have with step counting.

I had a bit of an obsession with step tracking at one point. Like pacing the room at night until I hit my 10k steps kind of obsession. Thankfully, I don’t do this anymore.


This brings me to why I absolutely recommend the Apple Watch. The fitness tracker within the watch tells me how many active calories I’ve burned, how many hours I’ve spent at least one-minute standing, and how many minutes of exercise I’ve done during the day.

These tools help me get moving more often without obsessing over it. They’re more of a gentle reminder than anything else.

At 10 til, I get a reminder if I haven’t stood up that hour. I love this because it makes me aware of how much I’m sitting. Y’all know how sitting too much has had some major consequences for me! This keeps me accountable and makes me get up from my desk every so often.

I have a calorie goal, not a step goal. Most days, I hit 10,000 steps, but not every day. I can hit my calorie goal without hitting 10k steps. The calorie goal is manageable. It only increases if I set it higher. Also, it will give me the option to increase my calorie goal if I hit the current one every day during the week.

I love how this shows me when I’ve been getting moving when I don’t feel like I’ve been exercising.


There are other features I love that don’t have to do with fitness at all.

First is the connection to my calls and texts. When I’m home after work, I rarely have my phone on me. I typically throw it in my purse when I leave my car after work and forget about it until I go to bed (and need to set my alarm)!

If I get a call or text, it comes through on my watch. This means I can see it and know whether I need to race across the house to answer. Or I can answer on my watch and take my time to go find my phone. You can also give simple responses to texts on the watch which can be super helpful.

Another benefit of this feature comes with a bit of a story. A couple weeks after I got the watch, I was locked out of my apartment. This happened to be the weekend we moved in. I went outside (who knows why) and wasn’t wearing my shoes or carrying my phone. How embarrassing!

Luckily, by standing by the door, I was close enough to call Andrew from the watch and he was able to come home and let me in. I don’t know what I would have done without the watch.


Okay, there is one more app I use regularly on the Apple Watch. The Weather Channel app. If you live in Chicago, you know the weather has been a bit chaotic lately. The app has given me messages telling me exactly what time I should expect the rain to start. This has been a lifesaver for not getting caught in the storms. I think I had to download this app though. It didn’t come standard on the watch (although Apple Weather does).

I have the Series 1. The only real benefit I’ve seen for the Series 2 over the Series 1 is the waterproof feature. I probably won’t be “upgrading” anytime soon.

If you have any questions about the watch (or anything else), please feel free to reach out! If this is something you’re thinking about purchasing, I would love to be a resource to help you make a decision.

Overall, I love mine and definitely recommend!



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  • Jenny Keiger

    Um, I really want one now 😂

    • Haha it’s pretty great! Hopefully if a new series comes out soon they’ll go on sale!

  • Morgan Jorgenson

    Thanks for this review! I have been so curious to know if it is worth it or not? Sounds like it is!


    • I think it is! Totally depends on what you want to use if for. It’s the perfect activity tracker for me!